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Advanced Aquatic Casualty Care Course
The AACC course is designed to empower maritime rescue teams and improve their treatment capabilities in and around water. 
Taught by a team with over 80 years of combined SAR frontline experience, this highly practical and simulation based course builds candidates abilities over 2 intensive days.
The course is built around the candidates current knowledge level, and then adds this to the maritime environment. 
Areas covered can include: 
- Rescue and recovery from water 
- Treatment abilities in small craft
- Transportation of casualties in small craft
- Resuscitation (+/- adjuncts) and AED
- Drowning, hypothermia and Cold Shock
- Control of major haemorrhage 
- Spine and fracture immobilisation
- Medical patients in the maritime environment 
Perfect for Fire Services, Lowland Rescue, HART teams and alike to raise abilities and awareness of the complex wet environment. 
If you would like a bespoke AACC for your teams, please feel free to get in touch. 
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