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Maritime Casualty Care Course
Many maritime organisations now find themselves out of immediate reach of NHS Ambulance or Search and Rescue intervention, and this unique course aims to bridge the time gap before arrival of medical aid.
It also serves to equip Search and Rescue personnel with the required skills for medical intervention during SAR duties. 
The course will be delivered around a set of bespoke check cards designed for your organisation to exactly match the course and the equipment carried, copying the award winning formula that Paul introduced into the RNLI.
Successful completion of this three-day course will result in certification of Maritime Casualty Care and HSE First Aid at Work. Certification can be obtained in STCW 95 Elementary First Aid for those that require, assisting organisations' STCW 95 and HSE requirements.
We are able to not only provide the training and bespoke check cards, but also supply the exact equipment to match course content for seamless integration into practice.
This course and associated check cards are only available from Saviour Medical.
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