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Saviour standard skin colours are black or white. 
For orders in excess of 100 units other colour skins are possible.
Saviour can be supplied with colour coded straps or
'all black' tactical straps with covert colour flashes to aid strapping sequence as standard.

covert colour flash


Saviour can be supplied with an 'all black' or orange head hugger as standard.
Available in black or orange, and as a roll top shoulder bag or rucksack style, again as standard.
Drag Straps:
Available as a cost option, either singularly or as a pair. 6m long and used for easy reliable stretcher drag.
Short Moving Straps:
Available as a cost option and sold as a pair, these have been created following feedback from users. They are a shorter version on the drag strap with a reinforced handle to assist confined space moving and handling of the stretcher.
Lifting Harness:  (for Saviour Technical only)
Available as a cost option this adjustable harness has triple lock carabiners for rapid but secure attachment to the Saviour Technical. Its adjustable nature allows for a variety of lifting positions.

Adjustable Harness

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