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Universal Features

Weighing just under 5kg, the Saviour Stretchers come supplied in either a roll top shoulder bag, or a rucksack style bag. 
Packed bag dimensions are; 70cm long x 30cm wide x 30cm high


Shoulder Bag

Once out of the bag the Saviour's LDPE skin lays flat following a simple reverse bend at each end. 

This facilitates easy patient loading unhindered by curled stretcher ends, and sets the Saviour apart from most of the competition.

All materials are resistent to harsh environments and designed to survive heat, cold, salt, damp and sand.

Saviour's feature a double central skin to allow extra spinal support and block spinal extension once formed.

Colour coded straps make for
intuitive use without prior training.

The figure of eight at the feet and
the cross straps at the chest secure
the patient when lifting vertically.

There is a unique head-hugger 
system that wraps around the head
to protect it during evacuation, and is
designed to interlock with a cervical
collar if one is used. 
Evacuating: carry out
Saviour Stretchers feature 6 reinforced hand holds to allow for easy extended duration carries, and is easily carried by 2 or 4 people.
The handles are designed to rotate and still allow enough space for a pole to be threaded should it be desired. Pole carries can be from each end, or across for bariatric patients.

Evacuating: drag

Optional 6 metre drag harnesses can be attached to either the head or foot end to allow for single operator drag rescue
The LDPE skin of the Saviour stretcher is able to withstand reapeated heavy drags on all surfaces including concrete and tarmac without failure. 
Combining drag straps at head and foot allows for controlled lowering down slopes or stairs, and assisting around obstacles.
Evacuating: vertical haul
The Saviour Tactical is fitted with a 200kg rated eye
at the head end which allows for vertical hauling out
of confined spaces or through hatches and doorways, in addition to the ability for winching / dragging up slopes and embankments.
The foot figure of 8 and the cross chest straps
mean that the patient is totally secure during vertical use. 
   (note; It is always recommended to have a second point of contact with the patient during vertical hauling.)

Evacuating: float

Saviour Stretchers are neutrally bouyant and float if dropped into water. 

If the patient is fitted with a suitable lifejacket (>70N) then the patient in the stretcher will float, and is able to be towed or swum via use of the drag straps to a place of safety. 

All materials used in Saviour Stretchers are designed to 
withstand use in fresh or salt water. 

Evacuating: Onward patient journey

Saviour Stretchers are specifically sized to fit inside standard basket stretchers found on Search and Rescue airframes, Fire Service appliances or Air Ambulances. This allows the patient to stay in the Saviour throughout the journey to hospital. 
The end of the Saviour does not fold up and therefore allows the patient to have a femoral traction splint applied if required.
Saviour Stretchers work perfectly with the Lucas Mechanical Chest Compressor. 
Once in hospital the Saviour is x-ray translucent and CT friendly meaning that the patient can go from point of injury to CT scanner on a single device.
Post incident the Saviour is designed to be fully infection control compliant, and allows for easy decontamination. 
Should a strap be soiled beyond redemption each individual strap is user replaceable in a matter of minutes, making the Saviour highly cost effcient and truly multi-patient use compared to other stretchers with fully sewn systems that mean the stretcher has to be scrapped when a strap is soiled beyond decontamination.

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Additional features of the

Saviour Technical Stretchers have two 200Kg rated eyes at the head end of the stretcher. 
This allows for 2-line vertical hauling, or double points of contact if using a lifting harness.
The Saviour Technical also has four 200kg eyes on the side of the stretcher allowing for fully rated horizontal lifting / winching or rope rescue.
An optional adjustable harness can be purchased that allows for effective vertical and horizontal lifting and as its adjustable an infinite variety of positions are available. 

Adjustable harness

New for the Saviour Technical in 2018 is a fully integrated groin harness in addition to the Figure of 8 leg system. Should you wish to not secure the patient for vertical lifting via the figure 8 around the lower limbs, for example if the lower limbs are injured, then without having to rig any extra straps the figure of 8 can be reconfigured into a groin harness.
Click here for full details of the new groin harness.
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